Gobens & Piers

Collide in 2024

Vows Now, Party Later!

Dear Beloved Friends and Family,

As we joyfully embark on the journey of a lifetime, we wanted to share with you the thought and care behind our decision to have a small, intimate wedding followed by a larger reception. For us, the intimacy of exchanging vows is a sacred and cherished moment. We can't wait to start our lives together and believe that an intimate setting will allow us to focus on the profound commitment we are making to each other without the anxiety of planning a large gathering at a particularly stressful point in our lives, juggling new careers and completing school. However, we are also mindful of the immense support, love, and connection we share with extended family and friends who have been an integral part of our lives and shaped our love story so far.

To ensure that everyone can join us in celebrating this union, we intend to host a reception once Jaleigh conquers her PhD degree. This will allow us both to be more present and celebrate wholeheartedly with everyone in the festive atmosphere of a grand reception. You all are immensely important to us, and we are incredibly grateful for your support and understanding. We look forward to celebrating our love with all of you soon!

With love and anticipation,

Jaleigh & Mitch

Ceremony Details

Wedding Date: 6/1/2024 at 5pm

Live Stream URL: Wedding Live Stream

How We Collided!

Science is a big part of who we both are. Jaleigh's childhood involved meticulously lining up the great migration of dinosaurs throughout the house, which led to being a PhD candidate in Paleontology and Mitch having loved all things space since he was very little. When we got engaged, we were brainstorming ideas for a theme when it hit us, 'When Goben's and Pier's Collide'. Just like when the asteroid hit the dinosaurs during the end-Cretaceous Mass Extinction and changed the world, Mitch came crashing into Jaleigh's life and changed our lives and the lives of our families forever.


PhD Started & Offically Dating

During fall of 2020, still peak Covid pandemic, and Jaleigh's first semester of her PhD, we both matched on the dating app Hinge. Our first several dates were held virtually over Zoom where we bonded over our passions for science and cooking. Our very first in-person date was at an apple orchard where we picked apples, tasted cider flights, and competitively sized each other up while axe-throwing. Covid challenged traditional dating norms where we spent many dates in each other's apartments watching childhood Disney movies, cooking new recipes, and didn't eat out at a restaurant together until several months later once Covid restrictions eased. We also loved debating deep science topics, where Mitch impressed Jaleigh by reading several research papers in her field of study.


Our First House

After only nine months together we moved into our first home. Soon after we became landlords and business owners from renting out the basement apartment. When living together, you learn a lot about each other. Mitch enjoys coming up with new projects like making raised garden beds, an entry way shoe and coatrack, and upgrading closet space. Jaleigh has embraced gardening and likes to add to the ever-growing project wish list. We both can't wait for a future kitchen large enough for a dishwasher-cleaning dishes is a frequent topic of contention.


First House Project

With both of us mostly working from home, we decided to turn an unused open dining room into a home office. We are incredibly grateful to Mitch's parents who came up for an entire weekend to put up a new wall, run electric, and hang the office door. Through the challenges, learning curves, and inevitable imperfections from a DIY project, there were still smiles at the end, especially after instant-aging from being covered head to toe in drywall dust. Jaleigh's beauty sleep has improved immensely now that Mitch's night owl tendencies can be soundproofed.


Engaged & First Trip Abroad

On March 5 th , 2023, Mitch proposed to Jaleigh at the American Museum of Natural History in front of her favorite dinosaur (Diploducus). There could not have been a better place for a proposal to a paleontologist! In April 2023, we embarked on our first big trip together, and Mitch's first time overseas, to Spain. We spent several days in Barcelona, soaking up the architecture, markets, paella, and Camp Nou F.C. Stadium. The following few days were spent hiking in the Pyrenees mountains. We both look forward to our next travel adventures where Germany and Japan are at the top of the list!

Our Registries

We are so excited to have you celebrate our love story with us and having you in our lives is the best gift we could ever ask for! However, if you insist on honoring us with a gift, we've listed some ideas below: